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      8. Library and Museum Regulations
      2018-12-03 11:01   審核人:

      Regulations of Library and Museum Usages for International Students of

      Taiyuan Normal University

      Chapter I  Entrance Guide to the Library and Museum

      Clause 1 International students of the university shall enter the library or museum by swiping their campus ID card and coordinate with the administrative staff for supervision or inspection for security. Anyone is forbidden to enter the library or museum without ID cards with any excuse.

      Clause 2 International students are required to properly-dressed up and with good behavior and mode to maintain a quiet reading environment. Cell phones and laptops should be switched to quiet or vibrate mode. Loudly speaking, reading or talking on the phone is prohibited in the library. And no littering and no spitting are initiated inside the library and museum for sanitary reasons.

      Clause 3 International students shall protect the books, magazines, and other materials carefully and use the equipment in caution. It is forbidden to damage reading materials, carve the tables and mark books and so on. International students are not allowed to occupy excessive reading seats. Those who damage books and other materials will be punished and disqualified to enter the library.

      Clause 4 Smoking, fire or high-power electrical appliance is forbidden in the library and museum. International students are not allowed to bring food into the library and museum.

      Chapter II  Rules for Using Studying Rooms

      Clause 1 International students should not occupy excessive seats by any means. “One person occupies only one seat” in the studying room. Anyone is not permitted to occupy seats for others.

      Clause 2 International students shall not occupy a seat for days and tablecloth is not allowed to put on the desks of the studying room.

      Clause 3 The administrator of the room is responsible to clean the room. Any personal properties in the table, chair, windowsill and ground will be cleared away periodically. The administrator owns liability exemption for any loss or damage to the property.

      Clause 4 The studying room is under unattended operation. International students are required to take care of personal properties and take them away when leaving.

      Clause 5 International students are required to be properly-dressed up and with proper behaviors, and to talk in minimum voice if necessary. International students are required to switch the cell phone to vibration or silent mode and answer the phone outside of the room. No littering, spitting, snack, smoking is allowed inside of the studying room.

      Clause 6 International students shall protect the public properties and are required not to carve and paint tables, chairs and wall of the studying room.

      Clause 7 This system is formulated and interpreted by the International Cooperation and Exchanges.


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